Thursday, January 01, 2004

Vinyl Singles / EPs

The Huntington Cads – “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Cads Are Go!”
Dionysus Records – ID 074584

A Side
Ebonite Satellite
Mr. Midnight in Lunar Limbo

B Side
Last Frontier

Chris Barfield – Lead Guitarist
Steve Hill – Bass Player
Josh Agle – Rhythm Guitarist
Jeff Utterback – Drummer

Recorded by Jim Monoe, Earthbase USA
Edited by Max Bowers

The Huntington Cads – “Big Guitars, Western Style”
Estrus Records – ES 7108

A Side
The Rattler
Broken Arrow

B Side
Western Skies
The Vice of Killing

(Complete credit listing not available on jacket)

Recorded by Jim Monroe at For the Record Studios, Orange, CA
Editing by Max Bowers


The Swamp Zombies - "Creep"
Dr Dream Records - DD 9033

A Side

B Side
I Love You, Etc.


The Tiki Tones – “Songs for Rum Drinkers”
Dionysus Records – ID 074577

A Side
Fahrenheit 451
Rusty Nail

B Side
Island Uprising
Go-Go Mobile

Hana Kokolele – Drums
Lord Wahini – Farfisa Organ
Ku – Bass
Shag Lono – Guitar

Recorded by Jim Monroe and Ace

The Tiki Tones – “Wilt Disner Presents… The Enchanted Tiki Tones”
Dionysus Records – ID 074580

A Side
Sneaky Tiki

B Side
A Go-Go Drum

Ku – Bass
Shag Lono – Guitar
Lord Wahini – Organ
Hana Kokolele – Drums

Recorded by Jim & Max

Various Artists – “The Dionysus Records Las Vegas Grind 2000 EP”
Dionysus Records – ID 0745103 (PROMO ONLY)

A Side
Freddy & the Foregone Conclusions “Ball and Chain”
The Boss Martians “Twin Tee Pee Grind”
The Hate Bombs “Down the Hatch”

B Side
The Surf Trio “Back to My Cave”
The Tiki Tones “Dr. Scorpio”

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